Lili Kisteleki is a painter, photographer and art curator, currently working and living location-flexibly, splitting her time between Paris, Budapest and Bali.

She is an autodidact contemporary artist who travelled all around the world and studied art with internationally acclaimed artists, while developing her own unique style. She has exhibited successfully world-wide. She was selected to exhibit in such institutions as Carrousel du Louvre or Palais Royal in Paris. Her art-works were published in several books in France, Italy and China.

Lili was seeking spirituality since her early childhood. After encountering with many masters, she chooses the path of individual growth to be connected to her higher self. She spent long years in the forests of Indonesia where she merged spirituality and art into a new meditative technique where a universal language was created through visualization. Her art became an unconsciously written language of forms and calligraphy where the symbols function as a bridge between human beings and the Universe. This new language is not understandable by the intellectual mind, it opens up the communication channel of the abstract mind. The inspiration comes from a very deep level of consciousness where space and time were melted together. Her artworks are creating a special vibration and energy field around them while urging the viewer to liberate the mind and all its creativity through feelings and emotions.

Vision: “I believe in the art of living. Trapped between two worlds, this is what we are, — thousands of faces reflecting in the mirror like sunshine dancing on the ultimate ocean. Art is the feeling of emptiness, meditation; the depth of our true selves.”

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